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Please put in you prayer list MICHAEL J O'CONNOR member of council 194 he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Brother John Brennan of the Glenn Falls Council

Just opened this . . . . and wanted to share it with you . . . . lets all say a special prayer that what ever this "program" might be, that John will be one of the ones who make it work.   Everyone who knew him knew what he meant to G. F. Council, so . . . now it's our turn to remember him in a special way.
Also . . . there is an attachment to this E-mail from John explaining to those of us who didn't know, exactly what his disease is.   It will take you a few mins to read, but when you have a few, please do it so that you'll have an idea of what John is going thru.     And, while the odds don't sound promising, the power of prayer, which I know John believes in very much, cannot be substituted, for any man made medicines.
MJOC.  Please click on the below document for the information on this brain cancer.

Glioblastoma info.docx
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