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4th Degree-Patriotism



       Dear Albany and Syracuse Dioceses Assemblies of the Third New York District:


It is my great honor and with reach out to you in this letter.

I have talked to some of you... and have met more of you, face to face... with a “Welcome Sir Knight” handshake on occasion, throughout my travels. These travels bring me to you... in support of your Color Corps, who are present at events according to your Parish or your Community calender, and many times, with short notice. I can't be at all the places requiring CC, however.... I will try.....and do, what ever it takes, to help it succeed.  There is a great need for our Assemblies to have the willingness to help each  other out.... for as our numbers dwindle with does the presence of our Honorable Order, and what it represents. A lot is at stake, when it comes to missing events due to lack of participation among us. We are in short supply of able bodied Soldiers to carry sword, wearing cape, and carrying banner. I say to those, who are doing so... “Thank-You.”


       There is no greater feeling one has when partnered with Cross and Candles....leading in the Day's GOSPEL... or, to carry the Flag of our Great NATION...flanked by our Brothers bearing the Sword of  LIBERTY.... while in parade in some of our local communities..... and, there is the PRIDE of RESPECT found deep in the DEVOTION of FRATERNITY, while standing guard at the wakes and funerals for our Priests and fallen Brothers. Make no doubt, the Color Corps is the public visual display of the Knights Of Columbus.


       I call upon all 37 Assemblies...I need your help! In order to stay connected with the Third New York District, I need to travel to towns and cities, visit churches and attend official meetings and Masses. The Master's account consists of funds left by the former Master, and the balance left after an Exemplification....after paying all the bills.... if there is any balance left. It can get low, very fast....Therefore, I ask each of you, Assemblies, to consider donating $50 to the Master's account  before July 30th (the end of term of the Officers for 2017). These funds will enable me to put on Exemplifications, attend the New York State Convention, visit Local Parishes to promote recruitment, attend the Pilgrimages and Processions at the request of the Catholic Dioceses and local churches.... and lastly, going to the Degree ceremonies that are being performed monthly. If $50 is too much.... $25 would be appreciated. An accounting of the Masters account will be provided at the Bi-Annual Masters Meeting in April of next year. I had to ask....and I will respect the decision your members make when you vote on this matter.  I am asking all Assemblies to participate...not only to share the financial costs associated with the Fourth Degree, but also to increase our Solidarity.


       On April 27- 29, the 122th Annual Meeting of the New York State Council of the Knights of Columbus will be held at the Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon, NY. Because the State Deputy Robert D. Weitzman is from our 3rd NY District, I am tasked with forming the Flag Detail with Honor Guards. I ask that all Sir Knights, going to this convention, who have regalia,  bring it. I am sure that I can use you in the presentation of Colors throughout the scheduled weekend of events. My plan is to arrive Thursday afternoon of the 27th and be located somewhere next to the registration table, as so to greet Color Crops members and choose assignments. Please make yourself known to me upon arrival.


       Finally I was made aware of a Mass on March 25th, 2017 at the Auriesville Coliseum.

It's the Feast of the Annunciation and the 33rd Anniversary of the Founding of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. Bishop Edward Scharfenberger and Father Daniel Mentesana are the celebrants. Mass starts promptly at 2:30! I require All Color Corps to dress in FULL regalia, and assemble at the small museum adjacent to the Coliseum, no later than 1:30pm! This will be Fr. Mentesana's  first Mass at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine, 136 Shrine Rd. Fultonville, NY 12072. For more information call Julie at (518) 630-9922. It is very important to participate in events like this, because of the exposure to the public witnessing  the formation and drill of the Color Corps. I ask ALL Color Corps Commanders  to report to the District Marshal Robert Guzzo for instructions.



Alan V Burke, MFD                                                                                         Date: 3/21/2017 



On Feb 22, in Aurieville, the Sacred Relics of the Saints: Treasures of the Church will be on display. A request for All Knights of Columbus to assist in the presentation is asked call Julie Baaki (518) 630-9922 for more information.
On Feb 25, in Gloversville, NY request for Color Corps at the Holy Spirit Church149 S Main St for the 4pm Mass. All CC members please arrive 1/2 hr earlier to receive instructions.
On March 12, Saratoga Council will host a Third Degree at 50 Pine Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY..... Call Thomas Gurka Sr  (518) 306-5742 for registration


I want to  thank all the Assemblies that completed the Contact Information form sent by Sal Sgarlata (Secretary to the Master) updating all current Assembly information, and returned the the Master. This is most helpful with having contact and ways to stay in touch. If any Assembly did not receive the form, please contact Sal at
Last, I want to  announce that the Fourth Degree Third New York District must host a Exemplification this spring 2017.... if there is any Assembly wanting the challenge and the Honor....Please contact me at

Alan V Burke,MFD

Updated Jan. 26, 2017



Alan V. Burke                             

Master, 3rd District                  

13 Jarose Place                                        

Clifton Park, NY 12065             



Robert Guzzo

District Marshal

181 7th Ave

Troy NY 12180



Salvator Sgarlata


90 B Kensington Court

Guilderland, NY 12084



To All Worthy Faithful Navigators:


     I was recently notified by Dennis Stoddard, Fourth Degree Supreme Master, of my appointment to Master of the New York Third District in the St. Isaac Jogues Province effective September 1, 2016. I have accepted this great honor, and it will be my privilege to lead our District for the next two years. It is only with your support that we can accomplish all the goals and expectations placed upon us.


     I have been instructed to set up a schedule for installation of officers in the district. It would be convenient for me if Assemblies in close proximity to each other were installed at the same time and location. This will allow me to install all the Assemblies in a short period of time. Please make arrangements as soon as possible by setting a date with me, or a member of my staff. We would then need  one contact person to provide the time and location of the installation, along with a list of Assemblies that will participate. The contact person should provide us with both their phone and e-mail  address. I would also ask for each Assembly to send me a list of officers for all positions. If you would like a Former Master do the installation, please let me know so arrangements can be made.  Your  prompt cooperation would be greatly appreciated.


    At this time, I'd like to introduce my staff, and tell you a little bit about myself and the goals that the

Fourth Degree Supreme Master has set for us.


     My District Marshal is Robert (Bob) Guzzo. Bob is currently Faithful Comptroller of the Father Van Rensselaer Assemby 702 in Waterford. He is also currently Treasurer for Waterford Council 237.


     My Secretary is Salvatore (Sal) Sgarlata.  Sal has been a long time Knights of Columbus member, and has held many positions including Grand Knight of Fr Joseph H Boldt Council 3357 in Guilderland  and Faithful Navigator of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arthur J. Reilly Assembly 1915. He currently serves as District Deputy of the 65th District.


 It was my honor to have been the District Marshal for the last four years serving first under Former Master Jim Mihalko, and then under Former Master Jim Brown. I will be resigning my position as Faithful Navigator of the Father Van Rensselaer Assembly 702 to take on the duties as Master of the Third District.



     As District Marshal I was often asked if I served in the military. I was born into a military family.  My father made a career serving our country in the US Air Force. My mother was a Girl Scout Leader who instilled in me the quality of leadership, and how to both take command of a situation as well as to follow orders. In addition, my parents taught me the value of family, cooperation, and a strong Catholic faith. This, and other factors enabled me to move quickly through the degrees, to Color Corps Commander, then to Faithful Navigator, and then to District Marshal, and finally to this appointed position.


     One of the tasks set by the Supreme Master of the Fourth Degree is to increase membership by having Bi-Annual Exemplification Ceremonies. This past June an Exemplification Ceremony was held in Syracuse, and on October 8, 2016, the Father Van Rensselaer Assembly 702 will be hosting a ceremony at St Augustine's Parish in Troy NY. All the local Assemblies have been notified. However anyone wishing to make their Fourth Degree is welcome to attend and should contact me, or a member of my staff as soon as possible, but not later than September 9, 2016.


      In closing, please pray for all the officers of the Fourth Degree that we may better serve the Church, the Knights of Columbus and each of you. My goal, as Master, is to work together, so that we can better exemplify our four core principles: Charity - Unity – Fraternity - Patriotism.









Alan V Burke

Master, New York 3rd District

St Isaac Jogues Province



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13 Jarose Pl

Clifton Park NY 12065

518-383-0526 HM

518-225-7940 C




181 7th Ave

Troy NY 12180






Raymond Dozois

210 Keefe Rd

Troy NY 12180



Jim Mihalko

12 Flintlock Ln

Clifton Park NY 12065





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